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Team Spotlight

✨ Team Spotlight ✨

Congratulations to David Oxley who recently celebrated 17 years at Retail Profiling Group!


‘Well 17 years has flown by. I have really enjoyed working with such a vast variety of different brands and the opportunity to work across a number of different countries. The majority of my time with RPC has been as a regional manager and have been privileged to have managed some fantastic people, many of whom I am still friends with to this day.

Retail has seen some unprecedented changes over the past 17 years. Some brands have adapted and have thrived, others have struggled to build momentum for their products. We’ve gone through a global pandemic, and those brands that have invested in RPCs team, and expertise in retail are going from strength to strength. I have faced challenges both in work and on a personal level and have always pushed on, looking forward to whatever will be  the next obstacle to overcome and conquer. Learning something new with each day passed’ David Oxley