A shop in shop is branded space within a larger store that’s used to promote the full range of the brand, grow awareness and drive direct sales.

Pop-up shop design for Bowers & Wilkins in an airport terminal by Retail Profiling

The impact

A Shop in Shop (or SiS) is a staffed shop or stand that is placed within the floor space of an existing retail store and may be for a fixed term.

Brands utilise them as a more cost-effective alternative to building a dedicated retail store, but that still creates a unique and engaging physical shopping experience, whilst benefitting from the higher footfall generated by the host store.

Branded space design in store for Siemens by Retail Profiling, a field marketing agency in the UK and Europe

Benefit to brands

Our experience covers designing, managing, building and operating all shapes, sizes and types of temporary retail space.

We provide our brands with valuable expertise and insight, and an honest assessment of likely ROI is vital as the investment can be significant. Partnering with Retail Profiling will give you full transparency of the benefits and risks, as well as the knowledge of potential locations across UK and 16 other European countries.

Why we are great at it?

We can provide a full 360-degree solution, concept to execution, or just one element of it, liaising with the retail hosts to ensure full operational and legal compliance.

Our professional, experienced teams have managed and staffed SiS sites for many brands within consumer tech sectors across European retail.