Retail audits and compliance provide brands with valuable and actionable insights into the condition of their displays and whether product visibility is being maximised across retail estates.

Retail Profiling carrying out retail audit and compliance in Currys

The impact

Compliance checks further ensure a brand’s cooperative marketing investment with their partners is being correctly executed. These checks allow brands to pinpoint areas for improvement and monitor sales trends over time helping to increase profits.

Retail Profiling carrying out retail audit and compliance in Currys

Benefit to brands

Our full-time, highly experienced, field teams, use their existing store relationships across their regions to ensure your retail investments are producing maximum result, by;

  • Ensuring commercial agreements with your partners are being honoured
  • Checking that all displays are laid out to planogram
  • Monitoring if promotional space is correctly allocated and priced
  • Providing photos and anecdotal feedback from stores.

We can simply audit to a brief, or we can support your retail partners by fixing whilst on-site.

Why we are great at it?

We work extremely collaboratively with our brands to scope an audit project for maximum results against specific objectives. Reporting back through detailed app-based surveys, professionally presented to our brands within an interactive 24/7 live dashboard.