Remote demonstrations are an effective digital solutions to help build product understanding with your customers in-store.

Retail Profiling offering remote demonstrations as a digital solution to clients

The impact

Shifts in consumer shopping habits during the pandemic, encouraged brands and retailers to seek out innovative ways to provide knowledgeable advice to browsing customers in support of their own sales teams.

The ability of customers to scan a QR code on a shelf and speak directly to a brand representative became very popular and is another way to generate customer engagement.

Benefit to brands

Hands on, in-store demonstrators and sales promotors are very effective, but a scattergun approach of previous years is unlikely to produce a ROI. Brands benefit from an experienced collaborative partner with years of experience (and data) to evaluate carefully where to invest. Where a physical presence is not like to produce a return, Retail Profiling can provide brands with a remote/virtual representative as an innovative cost-effective alternative.

Why are we great at it?

We can roll out virtual demonstration, promoters, brand representatives for brands across 17 European countries, that allows knowledgeable sales support coverage across wider retail estates.

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