Effective product demonstrations are an important field marketing solution to enhance engagement and more effectively communicate features and benefits with your consumer.

Experiential product demonstration for Tado by Retail Profiling

The impact

By allowing potential customers to see, touch and experience technology products in action, experiential product demonstrations significantly improve the engagement and therefore more effectively communicates features and benefits.

Retailers (and indeed all consumer, B2B, trade and event environments) recognise the importance of maximising their footfall through interaction rather than relying upon unexplained static displays and will prioritise and support proactive brands.

Experiential product demonstration for Bowers & Wilkins by Retail Profiling

Benefit to brands

This direct immersive approach captures attention and creates an impression, making it more likely that individuals will remember and be inspired to purchase the product. Additionally, by conducting experiential events in high-footfall areas, brands maximise their reach and exposure to a wider audience.

Why we are great at it?

Our teams are experts in engaging audiences, identifying their needs and delivering a first-class customer experience, giving potential customers a first-hand experience with the very latest technology.

We have collaboratively created concepts, built, staffed and fully managed immersive experiential events in shopping centres, train stations, airports, car parks and at all types of consumer events for our brands. We can support one element alongside brands or take full ownership from start to finish.