Supporting product with promotional campaigns or launches with demonstrators in store is the most cost-effective way of uplifting direct sales and awareness for future purchases.

Retail Profiling staff supporting promotional campaigns in store

The impact

It has an added benefit of generating brand or product awareness that positively impacts on-line sales. After a positive demonstration, customers will sometimes prefer to leave the store to consider or consult, but often will have been influenced sufficiently to purchase online or return to the store at a later date.

Retail Profiling staff supporting promotional campaigns in store for Square

Benefit to brands

Enhancing your brand impact where it matters, in the last metre! Our client managers collaborate with brands to create promotional campaigns based around brand objectives and utilising our vast experience within key retail sites across 17 European countries.

Our experienced promotional and demonstration teams lift your brand’s visibility within a crowded shelf by delivering hands-on interactive product demonstrations, and critically being available to back it up with detailed understanding and passion for your product.

Why we are great at it?

We believe that avoiding a scattergun approach is critical. Our managed solution, working closely with brands and retailers, ensures brands get a return on their investment. Close relationships with retailers in all countries gives us an understanding of which stores on which days/times will be most effective. 

We typically see a 300-500% revenue step-up on the day, as well as post-event sales growth both in-store and online.