At Retail Profiling we undertake all display updates and installations to ensure a more interactive, immersive consumer experience.

A member of Retail Profiling creating a display installation in store for Huawei watches in Currys

The impact

The final metre in store, whether completing an entire installation, updating live products to the latest version or refreshing digital content, is critical for both brands and their retailer partners.

Timing is critical too. Bricks and mortar retail offers many advantages to shoppers, particularly in relation to a more interactive immersive experience, but they must refresh/install displays at launch to avoid e-retailers having an advantage.

A member of Retail Profiling creating a display installation in store for HARRY'S

Benefit to brands

Brands invest massively in POS design, manufacture and metre space within stores. Having a trusted, experienced partner like Retail Profiling to undertake all their display updates and installations, with a commitment to 100% completion on time, every time, is a critical tick box for consumer brands.

Why we are great at it?

We have the most professional and technically adept teams, based across the UK and 16 other European countries, that consistently demonstrate why brands trust us to complete the final metre of their display.

Whether we are installing branded bays and interactive units, or have multiple teams rebuilding metres of categories within stores, or simply refreshing and replenishing a display, our professional people can provide you with the confidence that your products are 100% displayed for maximum impact.