A pop-up shop is a temporary branded space looking to achieve a particular goal, such as driving direct sales, or launching a concept or product.

Pop-up shop design for Kaspersky by Retail Profiling

The impact

Pop-up retail is becoming more and more common, challenging the traditional brick-and-mortar retail of long leases and large transaction-based flagship stores. Many brands utilise them to create unique and engaging physical shopping experiences, because they provide flexibility and the opportunity to experiment with less risk.

Pop-up shop design for Jabra GN by Retail Profiling

Benefit to brands

Our experience covers designing, managing, building and operating all shapes, sizes and types of temporary retail space.

We provide our brands with valuable expertise and insight. An honest assessment of likely ROI is vital, as the investment can be significant. However, partnering with Retail Profiling will give you full transparency of the benefits and risks, as well as crucially knowledge of high footfall locations across UK&I as well as 15 other European countries.

Why are we great at it?

We can provide a full 360 degree solution, concept to execution, or just one element of it. Our recent successes include building, managing and staffing premium pop-ups for a leading smart financial tech brand in five shopping centres, producing significant brand awareness and direct sales. However, we’ve also managed and staffed brand pop-ups in car parks, educational sites, travel hubs, corporate offices and country fairs.