Just as important as influencing a shopper directly is understanding how a shopper interacts with brands through expert data analysis.

Retail Profiling offer data analysis as a digital solution to clients

Benefits to the brand

We use our 30 years of industry knowledge to collect and analyse your market. Our intelligent data-driven insights will not only identify growth opportunities but also guide the necessary changes for your future projects.

Why we are great at it?

For us, reporting what the data says and explaining what the data means are different disciplines. We provide accurate, timely reporting and deliver true insight. Importantly, the unique way our data is structured allows us to create industry benchmarks, so your results are viewed with context and not in isolation. Real-time dashboard reporting can help you navigate the numbers, unlocking actionable insights into your performance and return on investment.

Our strong industry experience and channel partnerships allow us to provide you with localised commercial and market intelligence, and sector analysis that can feed into your internal BI, to either steer or reinforce strategies.