Brands can use intelligently sourced gifts as sales promotion tools to increase product attractiveness and boost sales.

Retail Profiling offering Gifts with purchase awards as a digital solution to clients as part of their holistic approach to field marketing

The impact

GWP (Gift with Purchase) sales promotions use the perceived value of the reward to increase the overall value of a brand’s product and help remove price as a barrier from the buyers’ decision-making process.

Benefit to brands

By meticulously analysing consumer behaviour in our brand’s market, we will source gifts that are highly regarded by your target audience but offer a low cost to the brand. Our selected rewards or gifts deliver excellent value across both consumer and business sales promotions.

In additional to selecting the perfect gift, the timing of its receipt is critical, so we ensure the customers’ free gift is delivered quickly and efficiently, using clear delivery notifications to keep the customer informed and provide a great experience.

Why we are great at it?

We work collaboratively with our brands to create market-disruptive campaigns that deliver exceptional results, but trying something new can often expose your business to unknown financial impact. To eliminate this issue, we cover the financial liability that could occur when a promotional incentive goes viral and becomes too popular.