Our team of experts offer e-retailers effect digital solutions to help accelerate growth, review generation and manage stock and pricing.

The impact

Online Retail requires highly experienced support to maximise the opportunities, just as bricks & mortar retailers do. Optimisation requires a genuine and deep understanding of how e-retailers operate or brands risk being left behind as their competitors get greater visibility that not only affects their on-line revenues, but their off-line awareness and revenues too.

Retail Profiling optimise e-retailers as part of their holistic approach to field marketing

Benefit to brands

Whether a brand is an Amazon (or other E-Retailer) seller, vendor or hybrid, we offer a complete outsourced account management service that takes all the marketplace “meh” off their desk and places it neatly in the hands of our experts.

Then our experts apply their deep marketplace knowledge and leverage our 1-2-1 partnership directly with the e-retailer to accelerate growth, including handling listing optimisation, imagery, EBC/A+, advertising, review generation, stock management and pricing.

Why we are great at it?

As with all our services, Retail Profiling and our channel partners operate very collaboratively with our brands. We always start with a strategy and a forecast, as how can we grow a brand without understanding what they want to achieve, who they want to beat and where to focus.

We put all our brands through a rigorous 2-weekly audit and forecast process, where our experts analyse performance of both our brand and their competitors. What we don’t know about e-retailer algorithms isn’t worth knowing, including which growth levers will realise our brands’ strategic aims.