At Retail Profiling we work with brands to ensure consistency across POS materials nationwide, helping to maximise returns on their retail investment.

POS design and installation for DeLonghi by Retail Profiling, a field marketing agency in the UK and Europe

The impact

Efficient, rapid POS deployment is crucial for the success of brands’ retail execution. Strategically placing POS materials, promotional signage, digital screens in high-traffic areas attract the attention of your target audience and support retail partners to keep in touch with or ahead of their on-line competitors.

A member of the Retail Profiling field team creating a POS for HP in Currys

Benefit to brands

Brands have trusted Retail Profiling for 30 years to activate promotions and complete POS updates that improve customer engagement, ensure consistency nationwide to reflect seasonal offers and promotions, and ultimately maximise returns on their retail investment.

Why we are great at it?

We have multiple examples of rapid POS rollouts or updates, including completion of 2,500+ sites in a few days, with only 3 days’ notice from receiving the brief.

As we permanently employ full-time experienced teams, and therefore don’t need to recruit or reach out to tactical teams hoping that all areas can be covered within brands & retailers timelines, we can deploy POS projects at very short notice. Not only across the UK and Ireland, but across a total of 17 European Countries.