At Retail Profiling we create effective POS designs to drive brand awareness and directly increase sales.

POS design and installation for SumUp by Retail Profiling, a field marketing agency in the UK and Europe

The impact

Retail POS displays encompass everything from simple price & product signage to promotional displays, dedicated branded space and increasingly interactive digital signage. Effective point of sale materials attract customers’ attention, drive brand awareness and directly increase sales.

POS design update and installation for JLAB in Currys by Retail Profiling

Benefit to brands

We offer retail design and brand communications through our sister company near Cambridge in the UK. For over 12 years we’ve been designing and producing exciting and innovative consumer tech retail displays for world class brands and retailers.

They trust us to bring their campaigns to life in-store, from collaboratively providing concepts and ideas through to design, print, production and installation.

Why we are great at it?

Building strong long-term relationships is at the heart of all we do. We pride ourselves in being good listeners. We are also excellent at understanding our client’s objectives and discovering exactly what it is they need.

Our team are all technically skilled and highly experienced in all types of retail activation. Furthermore, our close working partnerships with retailers ensures we can steer brands through compliance minefields, designing concepts within operational and sizing guidelines.